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Is Cloud Based Storage Right For You?

Is Cloud Based Storage Right For You?

Technology is soaring these days, and it’s gone right up to the clouds. With the incredible volume of digital data modern businesses use, old methods of storing and backing up data with discs and tapes are increasingly burdensome. Cloud-based storage has multiple benefits for business users with services such as remote access to your company data and cloud-based email preservation and archives.

So what is in the clouds for your business? How can cloud computing set you free?

You are no longer tied to a specific computer or memory device. Anywhere you can get online; you can access your business applications for content management, financial processes and more. Work on the road traveling with just a smart device or catch up at home after a busy day. Smartphone usage is growing exponentially, and now business owners and employees can also enjoy the convenience of being able to access the information they need on the go.

Data storage is safe and secure without taking up too much space or time in the office. With your data stored in the clouds, it isn’t bogging down your systems. You aren’t spending your time dealing with backup tapes or damaged discs. You also have the benefit of ever improving online security without the hassle of staying on top of developments and replacing programs yourself. And if some physical disaster were to strike your company’s premises, your data stored in the clouds would be safely out of harm’s way. Not even a spilled mug of coffee can harm it.

Different staff can have different levels of access and permissions. You can easily restrict some data for senior staff or just for yourself while allowing more employees to access less sensitive materials so they can work effectively. Your marketing team can update content and check sales without having access to sensitive information such as payroll.

Geographic location is no longer an issue in building your team. You don’t all have to be in the same office. In fact, you don’t all have to be in the same country. But you can all access the cloud-based data you need to work together. Whether your team is based in locations scattered around the globe or they enjoy the benefits of working from home occasionally, cloud-based technology makes sure they can all stay on the same page.

High tech innovation has been bulldozering over obstacles to business efficiency for a long time now, but today’s cloud-based solutions up to the game to a whole new level by combining the ultimate in convenience with cutting edge security solutions.

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