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Outage hits Apple services, including iCloud and App Store.

Outage hits Apple services, including iCloud and App Store.

For a long time, there has not been any problems with the services provided by Apple, well they aim to please their clients.

 But this was not the case on Thursday 2nd June, when the Apple services including the Apple store, iCloud and Apple TV were knocked out for several hours due to an internal DNS error as reported by the company according to statement given to the media.

 This is a phenomenon that has not been seen for a long time. 

In various places across the world many people flocked the social media talking about the lack Apple services. This problem appears to have started at different times in different time zones.

 In the US it appears to have started sometime around 1pm and lasting for more than 6 hours before all services were back online in different areas of the world. 

Apple took time before giving out a statement. However, when they did they stated that the problem was internal and that they were doing all they had to bring the services back up.

 They also refused to respond to any question by AFP on the glitches, how long the outage would last and what they were doing to restore their services, referring them to their website 

At some time in the evening most of the services were back up while others such iCloud were still down.

 The California based company experienced a very busy day trying to restore back all it services around the world.

By evening most of the Apple online shops and gaming centers in California were back in business.

In the recent months the business reports have been of a healthy record owing to their exceptional services which owes it to the rice in sales of Apple products including iPhones.

 However recently in the 2nd quarter there was a drop in sales ending the yearly run for being the top dogs as the company reported a decline in sales of most of its products.

 With this in the recent past, an outage in the company’s services in several continents does not real help the company’s business at this moment. 

Even though Apple at last gave a statement, they did take a long time not explaining the problem to the problem to its customers. Many business around the world depend on the Apple services to run their businesses.

Apart from businesses, most of the world’s population currently uses iPhones hence Apple services in their day to day endeavors. This outage therefore affected many people differently. 

The company, however restored the services after some time. This was over a period of time. From then they have been attentive to the service provision.