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What is new in Office 365?

What is new in Office 365?

As a reputable company specializing in computer software, Microsoft launched software known as Office 365. It functions as an integral part of Microsoft Office to enhance service delivery. With the new Office 365, you can run services that are cloud-based in Microsoft Office effectively. Other new office 365-powered services include SharePoint, Skype for Business Server and Exchange Server. The best part is that the new 365 office software will enable updates in your computer freely without paying additional costs. So, what is the new office 365? Read through to find out!

What updates does the new office 365 enable?

When using your other components of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you can type and still chat with your colleagues without having to switch between the two tabs. The new office 365 software also enables one-click fixes with Microsoft Word, Office, PowerPoint and Excel hence increasing the accessibility for your documents. Additionally, you can also increase visual impact when using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The new office 365 helps in making your documents more clear and readable. You also get to achieve the same effect for your presentations and worksheets. It also enables you to enhance your creativity by entering the titles of your PowerPoint presentations using a pen.

What are the uses of new Office 365 in the workplace?

The new Office 365 helps management to access the different versions of Office tools in a computer. It can be run both on Office for Mac 2016 as well as Windows for Office 2016 hence enabling unmatched flexibility for running office operations. Besides, it also installs updates automatically to the computer software ranging from the numerous versions of Office to security management. Businesses also benefit from the backup services that restore documents even after the new Office 365 expires. The employees can find the documents after activating subscriptions for new purchases that replace the expired model. Most importantly, the new Office 365 also allows for extensive usage on Office Mobile apps for both iOS and Android-powered apps.

How do you maximize the use of New Office 365?

Microsoft provides online tutorials to enable you to understand how to navigate the new technical updates. So, to maximize on the benefits, you first need to have an insight on the various features of the new Office 365 and the possible upgrades. The new office 365 gives users flexibility and very innovative features. As an app, it will improve the whole experience of viewing documents. One can easily download the app and follow the simple installation procedures.